Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

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We have established ourselves across the globe as an eminent organization, which is engaged in offering Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump. Superior-grade metallic and non-metallic components are utilized for manufacturing the offered vacuum pump. Furthermore, it is equipped with highly energy efficient electric motor that helps in its hassle-free functioning. Offered Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump is ideal for use in chemical & pharmaceutical, sugar, fertilizer, textile industries, mineral washeries and various other areas. 

Principle of Operation:

Liquid Ring Vacuum pump works in a unique way liquid inside the pump acts as piston and compressors are rotary machines. The functionality of pump is simple but the internal mechanism is complex. It is equipped with a cylindrical rotor with a hub. Also multiple blades inside the pump rotates inside the casing, enclosed at the sides. These blades project radially inside the casing and open up into the hollow center.

 Inside the casing the water is carried around by the blades, forming a forth of liquid due to centrifugal force. In operation the casing contains adequate fluid, more often than not water, which when conveyed the outskirts of the casing by the rotor sharpened pieces of blades, structures a strong ring of fluid inside the casing, because of outward constrain, subsequent to the rotor is littler in breadth than the casing and pivots on a middle whimsical to that of the casing, the rotor cans will be part of the way purge.

The fluid then again entering and leaving the rotor basins at fast constitutes a progression of fluid cylinder that surge in quick progression all through the rotor pails. Air enters through the gulf ports of the cone which are situated at the point where the fluid surges away shape the rotor (An) and into the packaging. Release ports are at the point in the turning cycle where the fluid again surges once more into the rotor cans, allowing the pressure and release of air. This impact is persistent and is rehashed a large number of times each moment, creating an un-intruded on wind stream without throb/ vibration. 

At the point when the delta is joined with shut framework and the outlet to climate the machine will draw air and gasses structure the framework release into the air and will go about as Vacuum Pump. At the point when the gulf is associated with the climate and the outlet to a nearby framework the machine will draw air from the environment and release into the framework and will go about as Compressor.

Range of Products:

  • Dimensions and Performance Data
  • Fly Ash Handling Industry
  • Sugar Making and Sugar Processing Industry
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Making Industry
  • Mineral Washeries
  • Textile Industry
  • Steel Production Plants
  • Thermal & Atomic Power(Electricity) Generation Plants
  • Fertilizer Producing plants.