Vacuum Equipment & System

Vacuum Equipment & System

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ACME’s vacuum equipment system is widely used in high tech industries for heat treatment, induction casting & melting, brazing, diffusion bonding of dissimilar metals, impregnation, deposition, metallization, solar module production and ARC re-melting. Our developed state-of-the-art vacuum equipment has been accepted as the strength by chief industries as well as research laboratories. Our experience of innovatively developing the vacuum equipment has made us the leading name in vacuum heat treating industry. Precise case depth and consistency, better heating or cooling control can give your process huge benefits and the HHV furnace adds immense worth to the heat treating work. In addition, custom and standard furnaces are also available for multiple semi-continuous vacuum applications.
  • Custom-made vacuum heat treatment solutions, made up using multiple cutting edge technologies
  • An array of vacuum furnaces, having a process support for several applications
  • Vacuum equipment’s performance and delivery have an established track record
  • Direct access to global experts for technology
  • Excellent technical and after sales service support
  • Huge technical service support in national and international regions